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Acrylics: 5 reasons to switch to laser

by Grace Kneafsey

CO2 lasers can be used to engrave and cut both cast & extruded acrylic, and manufacturers can benefit from significant cost savings when switching from traditional milling or routing methods. We worked with Trotec Laser UK to sum up why the switch can be so worthwhile. 

1. No toolheads required

Typically, using a router you’ll need to switch to different toolheads to suit each material. A laser beam works universally, including across all thicknesses and geometries. 

2. Easy material prep

There’s no requirement to tag down or vacuum treat. Moving from project to project can be seamless!

3. Crystal-clear edges

Edges and inner contours are ready straight off the laser machine. Post-processing of materials isn’t required – removing the need for risky & costly manual flame polishing.

4. Less waste

There’s no swarf with laser. No costly disposal or time wasted cleaning.

5. Precision & accuracy

The very fine laser beam produces great results, cutting the costs of rejects & repeats.

Thinking about the switch? Or upgrading your current laser?

Generally speaking, all Trotec laser machines can be used for cutting and engraving applications on acrylic. You can check out a tips and tricks guide here!

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