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An Introduction

by Eamonn McMahon

Working away..

The good news to all of you who already know me is that this won’t be a daily ache.. your existing suffering has been dutifully considered. Thirty three meagre posts, on the entire A to Z range from Asset finance to Zopa, is all that I’m planning for the remainder of 2016. That’s just one every four days with the occasional extra bout because I’m inevitably bored on a beach holiday. You will also be delighted to know the blogs will be concise.

So why blog? Aren’t blogs just self propelling ‘hot air’.. Firstly, as an ex-salesperson I miss the chit-chat, the daily dose of controversy, the tirades and even the occasional constructive dialogue.. For every minute spent negotiating prices, for every call to convince a client there was value in a bond; mugs of Tetley’s would be consumed talking about holidays that went wrong, cars (cheap cars..) and where to eat/drink.

Secondly, as an entrepreneur*, I need an outlet away from the core business. A venue where my expletives can flow freely and where my emotional charges are less likely to offend or at least less likely to offend the important folks..

The blog will primarily discuss the asset finance landscape in the UK and Ireland, the financing challenges (and solutions!) of the SME sector and the dynamics of accessing wholesale funding markets. But also lighter topics to keep us (semi) human.

So out of words.. safe till next week 😉

* I’ve just registered Barnsbury Road Finance Ltd. (www.barnsburyroadfinance.com) a technology holding company, to develop new asset finance technology to ensure the UK SME sector can more easily acquire the equipment and machinery they need to grow. Embracing recent progress in financial technology ‘fintech’ and the superior economics of direct lending we plan to introduce a new platform in 2017.