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Going solo: 5k lighter

by Eamonn McMahon

Leaving the SME challenges on hold with a lighter theme this week. Well, actually, heavier to start. 87 kilos to be precise. This is where yours truly maxed out earlier this year – a fat bastard beyond redemption.Too many of Mike Freilich’s Four Seasons Tuesday specials (in fairness the Char Siu pork was phenomenal), a love of all food cheese related and frequent strolls to the office kitchen that inevitably ended with birthday cake.

When I started at an investment bank in 2006 I routinely smashed it out with equal quantities of Guinness and Doner Kebabs. Generally Arthur Guinness would arrive first but sometimes the kebab was killed off to begin, drowned in copious amounts of chilli sauce and served up as the appetiser for the night. Fortunately, back in my early 20’s, my stomach and intestines seemed to flush out food like a super powered airplane loo – I just didn’t absorb. As the years went on it was like my body relaxed, as if my metabolism moved into cruise control.. and like all tourists on a cruise I got ‘jolly’ in my physical form.

Thankfully, as I stood starkers on the weighing scales last week, it was apparent big bertha had slimmed down. 81.5 kg and back to the green pastures of the BMI scale.. Alleluia! with my recently grown beard and with questionable income for the remainder of 2016, the thought of being gently encouraged to audition for Santa Claus come holiday season was a real concern.

So what’s up? How did I lose the equivalent of two new born twins since I resigned from the banking to develop a new funding model for SME equipment and machinery.

Here are three reasons, I think, why being an entrepreneur helps kill the waist line.

1.) Lots and lots of meetings: I was at the Renewable Energy and Waste Management annual conference in Birmingham couple of weeks ago. I met with manufactures and vendors of equipment and machinery to understand how asset finance could work better for them. 19 meetings including one where I was asked to try and push a wrecking ball. Enough said.

2.) Working late at night: Maybe its just me but I find the peace and quiet that beholds London from 11pm is a great time to think straight and get stuff over the line. So you burning both midnight oil and excessive servings of olive oil from earlier that day..

3.) Positive energy: Exploring real world problems and building real world solutions feels good. Those wet Monday mornings don’t feel quite so dire now so I guess I’m having less triple sausage sandwiches..

Another area where I have managed to cut down on excess is with my wallet – I have spent quite a bit less than my forecast from when I resigned. Coincidentally my savings are almost exactly 5k lighter. I’m generally not good at reigning in the credit card so I was definitely relieved. Here are some of the ways I have saved the dough.

  • Cycling.. While the occasional near-death experience and constant annoyance of petty crime is off-putting, owning a bicycle in London is a great way to save £200-300 per month. Also helps to keep you get fit .. especially when you have no saddle because of aforementioned petty crime.
  • Eating in restaurants, expensive restaurants a lot less. No more Nobu sushi for clients to hear about their little brats at £15 quid a sashimi piece.
  • Making good technology last! I have a Mac desktop thats 8 years old and works perfectly well. Upgraded the ram last year and she’s a jumping fences like istabraq.
  • Booking flights in advance: bagged flights from London to the West of Ireland for my sisters wedding at 27 quid each way, including taxes. bargainrama
  • Dumping the stupid stuff: The following is not an exhaustive list of superfluous [Insert profanity of choice here] stuff that you do not need. A car in London, A friend from a wealthy Russian family, sky movies, contents insurance on your flat, health insurance (they’ll ship you to a public hospital when the proverbial hits the fan anyway), £25 socks.

‘sort it out sunny’

So there you go – £5k lighter and 5kg lighter..   Hopefully, when the time is right, the savings go back on just a little easier than the weight 🙂

Until next week..